International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


The Personal Transporter (PeT) is an electric vehicle, with easy maneuverability and compactness, which finds its application in confined areas. It is designed to transport an individual with the aid of an intelligent system. The two main wheels are driven by separate dc motors, fed by a common battery source and aided with the power electronic drives for appropriate speed control. The directional control is a electro - differential system done using the H-bridge circuit. The speed control is done with the help of microcontroller by varying the duty ratio of pulse width modulation signals given to the mosfets in the H bridge circuit. Two castor wheels are placed in order to balance the vehicle. The vehicle is further embellished with an intelligent system that directs the person to his/her destination in the best possible manner. This is done through installing receivers and transmitters in the i-PeT, as well as the places around the specified range. The application of such a system will be very helpful in various places such as airports, hospitals, shopping centers and lounges.





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