International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


A new model for turbulent flame velocity of premixed flame in spark ignition engine for Iso-octane air mixture has been developed and validated for a wide range of engine operating parameters. The model developed is a zero dimensional thermodynamic model. The effects of engine speed (600-1160 rpm), equivalence ratio (0.7-1.1), unburnt mixture temperature (532- 650 Rankine), compression ratio (5-8) and ignition timing (5-30 degree before top dead center) have been studied in detail. The comparison between theoretical and experimental burning velocity has been made for a wide range of engine operating parameters such as compression ratio, angle of spark, equivalence ratio, flame radius, engine speed and unburnt mixture temperature. The flame velocity obtained from the present model is in good agreement with the experimental and theoretical flame velocity of Cakir. The flame velocity computed by the present model is also in good agreement with the flame velocity calculated by Malik model.



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