International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


This paper presents the design and experimental study of a two axis (azimuth and Polar) automatic control solar tracking system to track solar PV panel according to the direction of beam propagation of solar radiation. The designed tracking system consists of sensor and Microcontroller with built in ADC operated control circuits to drive motor. Two steeper motors are used to move the system panel, keeping the sun’s beam at the center of the sensor. The measured variables are compared with the fixed axis. The results indicate that the energy surplus becomes about (45-56%) with atmospheric influences. In case of seasonal changes of the sun’s position there is no need to change in the hardware and software of the system. . Considering all above aspects of this tracking system it can be concluded that, it is a flexible tracking system with low cost electromechanical set-up, low maintenance requirements and ease on installation and operation.





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