International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


Flexure bearing is a new concept and used for precision applications such as Programmable focusing mechanism (PFM), linear compressor etc. These bearings are compact and inexpensive. A flexure bearing is designed for specific applications. These designed can usually be done with the advanced design tool like FEA. With the advent of computers FEA has become the most suitable tool for the engineering analysis where the conventional approach is not suitable, geometric complexity are involved etc. This paper deals with the study of flexure bearings in linear compressor and makes theoretical analysis on it to calculate axial stiffness, radial stiffness and parasitic motion. Using software’s like CATIA and PROE ,modeling of flexure bearing done. Also make FEM analysis on it by using Ansys software. Then compare result of theoretical and FEM analysis. And lastly, this project considers the fatigue life criteria for flexure bearing and tries to optimize it. Gaurenkar have made design calculation and FE Analysis for flexure bearing to make appropriate model. This bearing contains three slots having 120° apart and 12 peripheral holes are used to clamp the disc rigidly onto a support structure. One central hole made for movement of shaft.





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