About ICCM

ICCM is being organized by Interscience Institute of management and Technology (IIMT), Bhubaneswar, India during December,19-20, 2020.This conference is planned to provide a forum for the researchers and academicians for presentation of new research results and demonstration of new systems and techniques in the field of Applications of Computational intelligence in Business Management. The conference aims to bring together developers, users, academicians and researchers in the area of Computational Management for sharing and exploring new areas of research and development. As we know recently, researchers and technologists are striving to design systems that can investigate problem environment, acquire information, interpret and utilize that knowledge for solving real world problems like human beings but without human interventions. Computational Intelligence (C.I.)stems from such an attempt to solve real-time problems scientifically with adequate interpretations and alternatives to choose the most potential solution. These intelligent tools and techniques can be utilized to address real-world problems that couldn’t be solved by traditional mathematical, statistical and modelling approaches due to its complexity and uncertainty. However, the complexity of the problem can be due to a number of reasons including processes being too complicated for mathematical reasoning, uncertainties and randomness dwelling in process execution, the stochastic nature of some processes etc. Some of the potential application areas cover pattern recognition, forecasting, system modelling, intelligent process control, customer relationship management, health care and biomedical applications. Again, now many intelligent and smart products are evolving where intelligence behaves as an attribute linking reasoning with decision making. However, as focus has recently been exponentially increased on management of business applications, utilization of computational intelligence for commercial applications in business management is currently gaining much hype. Computational intelligence has successfully addressed the requisites for diverse range of business applications from time to time including production and operations, finance, logistics, supply chain management, pricing, marketing and many more. Computational intelligence methodologies can be used to design business applications targeting data collection with interesting prospects. C.I. canalso be able to overcome the challenges and pitfalls e-business community face while retrieving, extracting and integrating data from heterogeneous sources, to design systems for planning product portfolio where usually companies struggle to make decisions for offering an optimal product bundle considering various attributes and combinations, to create shopping advisors, strategic planning based on scenario, modelling organizational structure and marketing strategies. Again, demand and price can be forecasted to regulate and stabilize market fluctuations using computational intelligence based techniques. Further, intelligent systems can be developed to predict financial failures of corporate and precautions can be adopted. Also intelligent trading systems can study market behavior and predict profitable strategies for trading. Moreover, automated decision making attained by using several computational intelligence techniques in the above business management scenarios will enhance productivity, performance, and profit along with market expansion of organizations. Thus, this conference ICCM-2020 attempts to invite scholars, researchers academicians and industry personnel to submit their original work covering any aspect of business management including theoretical, empirical and experimental computational models as well as simulation of algorithms for optimizing business applications. This book is expected to be a resource for academics, researchers and practitioners working in the area of computational intelligence and its related business application.