Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


Rather than materialistic gain and possession, personality development is more of a process of growing human capabilities. Personality development is recognized as a vital component of corporate success, and it extends beyond the human realm. Especially freshly recruited engineers have to deal with challenging situations almost every day. Adaptability and strong interpersonal skills are essential soft skills for engineering students to cope with the strenuous/high-pressure work environment. The Audit courses can help in the holistic development of engineering students. These are introduced in the curriculum by AICTE in order to help students develop their personality, improve communication skills and learn about corporate grooming, for all branches of engineering. Audit courses focus across multidisciplinary domains and deliver holistic education with flexibility of subjects. The objective is to groom innovative minds into resilient personalities who can sustain and adapt to rapidly changing industrial needs and technological advancements. The perspectives to propose the audit courses vary across disciplines for e.g. foreign languages, performing arts and personality development. In India given the diversity and regional languages, students coming from different backgrounds need grooming in soft skills to back up their technical skills. Enhancement of personality can take place through different audit courses in a stress-free environment and enjoyable through different activities.





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