Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


To ensure the quality learning of students, course outcome assessment is vital element of outcome based education. To achieve course outcomes, various modes of pedagogy and assessment are essential. There are different modes of assessment for In-semester examination like multiple choice questions, time bound pen and paper, presentations, seminars, assignment etc. This paper explains the use of assignment mode for effective assessment of students. This paper highlights how assignment mode helps students to apply concepts taught in classroom to solve various problems on applications of engineering mathematics. We had done assessment of 610+ F. Y. B. Tech students by giving different assignment to each student which included different set of questions for the course Linear Algebra and Univariate Calculus with time bound submission. This ensured that students have to solve the assignment independently without taking help of peers. This paper describes how assignment mode has improved various competencies of students. This paper is illustrated with responses of F. Y. B. Tech students. The proposed method is useful for online and offline mode of examinations.





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