Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


It is often observed that the students of new generation have large number of distractions. This leads to lesser concentration on what they are studying and it effects into lesser assimilation of subject matter, lesser confidence and lesser overall performance. It is a well-known fact that assimilation increases with increase in concentration. In order to improve the performance of students in whatever they do, we planned to use some innovative methods for improving their concentration. We experimented this on the fresh batch of students that was admitted in 2018-19 to increase their concentration and built-up their confidence through a new method pedagogy involving Gaming, Micro-projects, Meditation (Omkar Recitation) and recitation of multiplication-tables etc. These activities were daily conducted in the specially allotted student’s hour.In order to measure the outcome of our experiment, we conducted an aptitude test at the beginning and once again after doing this experimentation over a period of full semester. The outcome of this experimentation is found to be very encouraging. This paper presents the innovative methodology adopted over a group of student’s improvement of for concentration and discusses the visible outcome in the better performance of the batch.





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