Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


The presented case study based activity supports collaboration between students. Case study based activity consists of a story of an organization and how the problem is solved by using planning strategy, coordination and using any advance system for example management information system is a subject which can be taught using the case study based activity .Outcome to analyse the problem, develop problem solving capabilities and to take appropriate decision that leads to success.

The student’s role is to read and explore case study. Participate in online discussions, lead a discussion, engage in classroom discussion and present their reflections. Finally the discussion leads to idea or solution to the problem.

The teacher’s role is to select the appropriate case study or story or provide case material, set up questions and explain requirements or expectations. The teacher should keep the discussion on track and make sure that all the questions are answered. Finally teacher should read or summarize the points of discussion .The teacher should prepare rubric for final grading.

The paper deals with how this activity was implemented to teach management information system (MIS) subject of final year engineering study.





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