Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


A gas turbine is a rotating engine that generates its power through the flow of combustion gases. With either an axial or centrifugal compressor, air from the surrounding environment is drawn into the engine intake, where it is compressed and heated before being sent to combustion chamber. Every gas turbine engine has a nozzle as a standard part. Among its many responsibilities include propelling the engine forward, returning exhaust gases to the free stream, and regulating mass flow through the engine. When the power turbine's exhaust exits, the nozzle is directly in the direction of the fumes. Simply put, nozzles are just tubes that allow hot gases to flow through them; they're not much more complicated than that. The highest point on each of these delas is around 2500 kelvin. This research illustrates the film cooling method for gas turbine and nozzle longevity. For film cooling to work, the temperature of the airfoil and nozzle case must be decreased.





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