Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


The impact of the fuel injection of fuel atoms on engine performance has been investigated to improve fuel efficiency and waste disposal features. The fuel swirl method for injection atomization was evaluated both by the analysis of the fuel flow and the sample test. The goal of the paper is to establish good fuel atomization over the range of engine performance. As a result of our studies, it has been concluded that the desired atomization can be achieved when gasoline is thrown into a circular motion. Fuel spray and atomization features play an important role in the performance of internal combustion engines. An atomization study to evaluate the numerical fuel injection used in the IGC (Inner Guide-vane Combustor) under various combination and performance conditions has been performed to determine the suspension of the proposed fuel injection to be used in the IGC. Additional results have shown that a single-hole fuel injection, forward injection direction, and a splash of ‘





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