Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


Supply chain management system is a centralized system which controls and plans the activities involved from production to delivery of a product. Disruption in treatment and loss of life occurs due to delay in delivery of pharmaceutical products. The objective is to do a model using Machine learning algorithms to determine: Classification to predict which product will be delayed and Regression shows how much time it will be delayed exactly. This study will use publicly available supply chain data which helps to identify primary aspect of predicting whether HIV drugs are delivered in time or not. It will then use these factors to predict how long delays are likely to be, thus allowing HIV/Supply Chain program managers to know details of the products which are going to be delayed and quantify the exact delay. and how much it will be delayed. so that they can take mitigating action to save lives and avoid additional supply chain costs. We will use Machine learning prediction model to predict which product will be delayed and regression model shows how much time it will be delayed exactly.





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