Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


In recent market, there are several cell phones available, Smart phones differ based on their Operating system. Here we are going to do a comparison between two Operating systems i.e., “IOS and ANDROID”. The comparison starts including the basic features of smart phones. The features are varying from each other. Some of them are categorical and some are numerical. According to these data, classify the smart phones using machine learning classification model. After the classification we are going to analyse which operating system-based Smartphone will be taken for further classification. A “Recommendation system”, will be designed which recommend a better smart phone to the customer. In market a lot of smart phones are available, which are of different companies but with same cost. From classification model we will find which set is more affordable with good combination of features. Further Recommendation model will help us to find which model will be the best model according to the customer requirement and budget. On the basis of customer requirement that is what are the features and price of the phone our model is going to predict which model will be more suitable and gives the solution in a form of recommendation. It will give us the exact phone, which is having all the features and also pocket friendly.





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