Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


Developments and advancements in Aircraft industry have led to an increasing the stability and maneuverability of an aircraft. When the aircraft subjected to unbalanced force it needs the suitable wing to overcome the side slip and maneuverability of an aircraft. This work proposed a Dihedral and Anhedral wing simulation in XFLR5 software to increase the stability and maneuverability of an aircraft. XFLR5 analysis was then carried out for Dihedral and anhedral angles of 5deg, 10deg ,with side slip angles 2deg and 5deg. The aerofoil used in wing is NACA 4412 and in tail is 0009..Lateral-Directional Static Stability of 5,10 deg of both anhedral and dihedral wings are analyzed. The graphs are plotted between co-efficient of rolling moment and side slip angle ; co-efficient of yawing moment and side slip angle. The simulation is done in a free stream velocity of 60 m/s and inviscid flow.

Anhedral is a negative dihedral angle .The anhedral reduces the dihedral effect bringing the wing's roll characteristics into a more desirable performance envelope while keeping it stable yet maneuverable.Dihedral is the upward angle of an aircraft's wings, which increases lateral stability in a bank by causing the lower wing to fly at a higher angle of attack than the higher wing.





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