Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)



This paper investigates the probable effect a dihedral and an anhedral have on the Lateral-directional stability of an aircraft. In this paper we discuss the basic design of a rectangular swept back wing, designed in the XFLR5 software. We will apply different angles for both the dihedral and anhedral and analyse it using the XFLR5 Software. Our main goal would be to understand the stability criterion, mainly lateral-directional, of the airplane, analysing the graphs that help us understand lateral-directional static stability, compiling all the results and concluding our findings. Furthermore, we will be well-versed in the domain of static stability of an airplane with a rectangular planform which has swept back wings. The design and analysis part of this paper will wholly be covered in the XFLR5 software and the theoretically knowledge of the concept to stability will covered separately in the coming sections.





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