Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


ABSTRACT: Present decade has been observed that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAVs) are occupying the sky to accomplish different missions. They became the popular area of interest due to their growing utility and relative cost. Increased demand of UAVs allowing the researchers for the optimized UAV as a major area of interest. They are providing new and better opportunities to cellular networks. UAV industry is undergoing a huge amount of advancements in it such as in navigation system, privacy and security ,mission management system, power system communication system etc. this article mainly focuses on the advancements regarding privacy and security of UAVs ,mission management system. The motivation behind the development of strategies for defending the breaches caused by data protection and public safety them are examined. This study gives an overview about past and how the present usage of UAVs is optimized by implementing the defense techniques. The major six criteria implemented to defend socio-technical concerns are explained. Few countries which adapted these regulations are discussed briefly .Ensuring security of the UAV system is studied considering physical security and cyber security as major aspects. The study also provides the techniques to defend these security threats. on Mission planning and mission management.





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