Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


A computational study was performed to analyze the airflow over bio-inspired corrugated wings. The bio-inspired corrugated wing profiles were derived from the mid-span section of the forewing of Aeshna Cyanea dragonfly species. Additionally, a hybrid non-corrugated profile was also created possessing geometric similarities with the corrugated airfoils to compare and visualize the effects of corrugation on the fluid flow. The computational analysis was conducted for 4,8-, and 12-degrees angles of attack. Streamlines obtained from the computational analysis results (carried out on ANSYS CFX) showed the formation of secondary flows or vortices that are trapped in the valleys of the corrugated wings which was not observed in the hybrid airfoil. This study also compares the effects of corrugation geometry on fluid flow behavior. It was also seen that the intensity and quantity of the secondary flows increased with the increase in the angle of attack.





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