Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


The computational investigation of aerodynamic characteristics and flow fields of a smooth owl-like airfoil without serrations and velvet structures.The bioinspired airfoil design is planned to serve as the main-wing for low-reynolds number aircrafts such as (MAV)micro air vechiles.The dependency of reynolds number on aerodynamics could be obtained at low reynolds numbers.The result of this experiment shows the owl-like airfoil is having high lift performance at very low speeds and in various wind conditions.One of the unique feature of owl airfoil is a separation bubble on the pressure side at low angle of attack.The separation bubble changes location from the pressure side to suction side as the AOA (angle of attack) increases. The reynolds number dependancy on the lift curve is insignificant,although there’s difference in drag curve at high angle of attacks.Eventually, we get the geometric features of the owl like airfoil to increase aerodynamic performance at low reynolds numbers.





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