Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


Archery is being contemplated from hundreds of years; however there have been not many investigations expressing and clarifying the optimal design and aerodynamic effectiveness of an Arrow. Presently Archery has turned into a significant game in Olympics. Every nation is showing colossal interest in delivering champions. So, it is important to work on the solidness of the Arrow to such an extent that its precision and aerodynamic characteristics improve. Broad examination is proceeding to work on the streamlined exhibition of the Arrow. So, this study intends to explore the aerodynamic characteristics of an Arrow for various fletches and diverse Arrow points. To accomplish this, the initial trends of aerodynamics characterization were obtained by XFLR5 v6.51 and then deep flow analysis was performed by Computational Fluid Dynamics using ANSYS Fluent. The outcomes are upon to show that the Arrow performs better at a speed range of 40-60 m/s and angles of attack from - 5 to +5 degrees. MATLAB is employed in plotting all of the non-dimensional data fluctuations, since it is the most trusted plotting software. The outcomes are validated with existing research work and significant conclusions are obtained.





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