Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


The Primarily focus on Graphene Aerogel, its synthesis and structural integrity together with high electrical conduction. Graphene could be a new nanocarbon that has, single-, bi- or few- layers of carbon atoms forming membered rings. Mechanically powerful and electrically semiconductive graphene aerogels will be produced by either essential drying or freeze of gel precursors integration from the reduction of graphene substance with L-ascorbic acid. In distinction to ways in which utilize physical cross-links between GO, this approach provides valency carbon bonding between the graphene sheets. The graphene aerogels put together possess large surface areas and pore volumes, creating those materials to a feasible possibility to be used in energy repository, catalysis, and sensing applications. We've additionally showcased some applications for Graphene Aerogel such as their electrical conductivities, Lithium-ion batteries and electrical phenomenon devices, Supercapacitors and photocatalysis.





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