Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)



Micro Vortex generators are very small components deployed on the wings to control airflow over the upper surface of the wing to affect the boundary layer over it. These are employed onto a Micro aerial vehicle (MAV) of fixed wing type with an S5010 which is a low Reynolds number airfoil. This airfoil provides good aerodynamic results as compared to many low Reynolds number airfoils. Micro vortex generators are used to enhance the performance through controlling airflow at different speeds and angle of attack.

The comparison of a half part of the MAV wing which is designed in CATIA, with and without the vortex generators on its leading edge at 10% of its chord length is done to show how the vortex generators improve the performance and control authority at different speeds and angle of attacks. These are shown with the velocity and pressure distribution around the wing by considering laminar flow in the simulation.





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