Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


In this study, wireless power transfer using a transmitting horn antenna and receiving module is designed and analyzed. The receiving module comprises transmitting (horn) and receiving antennas, rectifier, and power management unit. The receiving antenna is used at a frequency of 2.45 GHz which seems to be the most efficient one. The integrated system being low in weight is suitable to be placed on any system having a battery with recharging characteristics. The compact system is designed and simulated using CST STUDIO. The receiving module is used for the conversion of microwave power to DC power for the easy charging of a Quadcopter. Drones always carry a minimal amount of payload and hence require a low weight power receiving system. The integration of 3 by 4 antenna array with the power management circuit makes it of minimal weight which is effective for UAVs. The distance taken into consideration is from 1 to 6m which works in relation to the power transmitted. Far-field transfer is designed and calculated but the method of improving the efficiency to a greater distance is still a concern of research.





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