Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


In Present scenario Internal Combustion Engines [ICE] is overcome by Electric Vehicles [EV] due to advantages like reduction in carbon-di-oxide [CO2] emission, cost. Advancement in electric vehicles are extensively going on and one such concept is Battery management system [BMS]in Battery Electric vehicle. In Battery Electric Vehicle there are many types of batteries and from the literature survey Lithium Ion Battery can be concluded to be suitable as it is advantageous in weight, cost, energy density and many aspects. In Battery electric vehicle Battery plays an important role. Battery may be overcharged or it may undergo faults. Hence a proper management system is required to control the Electric vehicle [EV] and it is called Battery Management System [BMS]. In this proposal two battery estimation models are compared and results are tabulated for suitable operation of health status in a Battery Electric Vehicle.





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