Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


Here this document provides the data about the batteries of electric vehicles. It consists of numerous data about various energy storage methods in EVs and how it is different from energy storage of IC-engine vehicles. How electric vehicles will take over ICEngine vehicles due to advancement in battery technology and the shrink in its prices. Various types of batteries are listed in the document with their specifications. Possible future battery technology which will have more or same energy density than current gasoline fuels and also with the significant reduction in battery weights; which will make EVs cheaper than current condition. Some examples are listed showing current battery capacities of various EVs models. Some battery parameters are shown in the document with introduction to BMS (Battery Management System). Then a brief introduction about the charging of these EV batteries and its types displaying variations in charging time in different types of EVs according to their charger type and manufacturers. How DC charging is more time saving method than AC and how smart charging will help to grid in case of peak or grid failure conditions.





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