Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


Cloud computing has intern the attention of today’s leading IT industries offering huge potential for more flexible, readily scalable and cost effective IT operation. There is a significant anticipation for emergent innovation and expanded capabilities of a cloud-based environment as the cloud services are still in the infant stage. With all technology innovation, the biggest gain will be realized when the Cloud services are efficiently utilized. One of the prime contributions of Cloud is its capacity to handle a huge amount of data for either processing or storing. The inadequacy of this model is that it is prone to disaster. Some of the popular scheduling techniques applied by the researchers and leading IT industries are Round Robin, Preemptive scheduling etc. This research focuses on a novel approach for disaster management through efficient scheduling mechanism.This paper presents a Priority Preemptive scheduling (PPS) with aging of the low priority jobs in Cloud for disaster management. The implementation results show that the jobs at any instance of time are provided with the resources and henceforth preventing them to enter the starvation, which is one of the prime causes for disaster.



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