Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


Image Processing is any form of signal processing for which the image is an input such as a photograph or video frame. The output of image processing may be either an image or a set of characteristics or parameters related to the image. In many facial analysis systems like Face Recognition face is used as an important biometric. Facial analysis systems need High Resolution images for their processing. The video obtained from inexpensive surveillance cameras are of poor quality. Processing of poor quality images leads to unexpected results. To detect face images from a video captured by inexpensive surveillance cameras, we will use AdaBoost algorithm. If we feed those detected face images having low resolution and low quality to face recognition systems they will produce some unstable and erroneous results. Because these systems have problem working with low resolution images. Hence we need a method to bridge the gap between on one hand low- resolution and low-quality images and on the other hand facial analysis systems. Our approach is to use a Reconstruction Based Super Resolution method. In Reconstruction Based Super Resolution method we will generate a face-log containing images of similar frontal faces of the highest possible quality using head pose estimation technique. Then, we use a Learning Based Super-Resolution algorithm applied to the result of the reconstruction-based part to improve the quality by another factor of two. Hence the total system quality factor will be improved by four.





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