Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


It has been widely observed that providing security is one of the challenging task in Wireless sensor network(WSN). Program images need to be updated continuously as network programming happens in WSN. Many Networking protocols provide an efficient way to update these program images running on sensor nodes. One of the cryptographically strong protocol called DELUGE exists to address this challenge, but it involves high computational cost such as power consumption and communication costs. So Multiple one way key chain is proposed to secure a multihop network programming protocol which is lower in power consumption and communication costs. Even though one way key chain is used to provide security, network with static topology is considered. Network is made dynamic by adding mobility nodes to it. But the extra node added may not always be the genuine node. If it is an attacker node, there can be several pollution attacks. Attacker node travels through the network, and pollute the entire network. Wirelesss sensor network may not be able to detect these pollution attacks. In this paper, we are proposing a MAC scheme called Spacemac. It expands the network by adding nodes to it. Using SpaceMac, i) it detects the polluted packets early at the intermediate nodes. ii) it identifies the exact location of an attacker and eliminates them.





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