Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


Wireless Sensor Networks are to be widely deployed in the near future for data monitoring in commercial, industrial and military applications. Though much research has focused on making these networks feasible and useful security has received very little attention. Sensor networks are exposed to variety of attacks like eavesdropping, message tampering, selective forward, gray hole attack, and Wormhole and Sybil attacks. Watchdog is a kind of behaviour monitoring mechanism which is the base of many trust systems in Ad hoc and Wireless Sensor Network. Current watchdog mechanism only evaluates its next-hop’s behaviour and propagates the evaluation result to other nodes by broadcasting, which is neither energy efficient nor attack resilient. The fundamental problem of secure neighbour discovery is studied which is importunate in protecting the network from different forms of attacks. In this paper an improved watchdog monitoring mechanism is proposed by using the process of change point detection. By implementing this change point detection algorithm in watchdog mechanism, the limitations of the existing watchdog mechanism are overcome. From this the exact malicious node can be found out and the data will be routed through a secure path bypassing the malicious node. Finally to analyze the efficiency of this algorithm, the results obtained from the proposed algorithm and the existing algorithms are compared.





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