Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


Human-robotics interactions generally consist of transfer of information from the humans to the robotics by using various algorithms, scientific tools and techniques. In this research paper human queries and tasks can be handled by human robotics and for the communication with the server-systems robotics acts as an interface. Human queries can be easily recognized with the help of data mining techniques. These Queries can be handled into three different parts. (a)Input device-used to collect the data (b) Human Robotics-act as an interface (c) Server System-used to process data. In the absence of interface interactions between the human and server system will not be possible. Here we are uses three types of data mining techniques like Classification, regression analysis and time series analysis. Each technique uses a separate type of data to perform mining task. The special focus of this paper is human and robotics follows master-slave relationship and ultimately humans successfully collaborate to achieve a joint action.



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