Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


Leaking of confidential data to an unauthorized agent is a major concern for an organization. In this article we seek to detect the trusted node that leaks the confidential data to an unauthorized agent. Traditionally, leakage of data is handled by water marking technique which requires data modification. If the watermarked copy is found at some unauthorized site then distributor can claim his ownership. But one of the issues with watermarking method is data modification. To overcome the disadvantages of using watermark, data allocation strategies are used to improve the probability of identifying guilty third parties. The idea is to distribute the data intelligently to agents based on sample data request and explicit data request in order to improve the chance of detecting the guilty agents. Modern business activities also rely on extensive email exchange. Email leakages have become widespread, and the severe damage caused by such leakages constitutes a disturbing problem for organizations. Hence, filtering of E-mails is also necessary. This can be done by blocking E-mails which contains images, videos or sensitive data and filtering the text file of an organization.



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