Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


This paper presents a design of machine controlled intelligent system for public to share bicycles for short distance transportation in urban areas. It allows us to take bicycle from wherever we are and to park at our nearest place of destination. The design schemes used here are automated system for bicycle delivery unit (base station) and bicycle parking unit (substation) and automatic amount collection for the usage from user card (RFID tags) and central administration office (GPS) and solar powered substations (PV solar panels). Moreover, it offers auto-locking racks for bicycles, on-Board vehicle tracking, and battery with solar power management, data logging, and communication with substations and administration. The subscribers can register to this service by administrator of bicycle sharing system. In 2011, the Ministry of Urban Development (MOUD), Government of India, launched the National Public Bicycle Scheme (NPBS) to build capacity for the implementation and operation of cycle sharing systems across the country. This paper outlines the advanced requirements to successfully develop and deploy bicycle sharing system focusing on solar powered battery charging and vending by PV solar panels, rental collection interface, in and out management of bicycles, system equipped with RFID and GPS tracking mechanisms. So bicycle sharing systems has emerged as an innovative form of public transport to provide urban short-distance transportation services by government.





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