Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


In this paper, the development of an Automatic College Attendance Management System (ACAMS), a biometric based comprehensive attendance management system is proposed. Complexity in managing the students' attendance during lecture hours, computing the percentage of attendance and conveying the presence/absence of students to their Parent/Guardian have become a difficult challenge and also a time consuming task. For the stated reasons, ACAMS using fingerprint biometrics is designed with an added feature of sending SMS alerts to their Parent/Guardian, for which in this system PHP and CGI scripts and the web site using Lighthttpd server for sharing a common database of SQLite have been introduced. This system takes attendance electronically with the help of a finger print device and the records of the attendance are stored in a database. After student’s identification, attendance is marked and a message is sent to his/her Parent/ Guardian, and hence our system becomes a self monitoring intelligent ACAMS. Moreover, our system eliminates the need for stationary materials and personnel for the keeping of records.





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