Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)


Energy crisis is one of the crucial problems faced by all the countries in the world due to depletion in natural resources used for energy generation and the huge investment for generating energy from alternate resources. This article shows the present situation of energy crisis in the state of Andhra Pradesh and suggested some of the major areas of energy conservation practices so that there may be a chance to see the state of Andhra Pradesh as “NO POWER CUT” state in India. A viable and immediate solution in this juncture is the energy conservation as cited by the slogan “Energy conserved is Energy Generated”. Optimum use of electrical energy, not only results in cash savings, but also improves the economy of the country substantially. Hence there is an urgent need for energy management and control, which ultimately concludes with the practice of energy conservation. Energy as we all know is a crucial input in the process of economic, social and industrial development. Energy consumption is increasing at a very fast rate. With growing demand for energy it has become essential to minimize energy leakages. This article shows the present status of energy crisis in “Andhra Pradesh” state. This article also shows about the gap between power generation and demand and it suggest some of the methods to make the gap between power generation and demand is equal to Zero.



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