Graduate Research in Engineering and Technology (GRET)

Aims & Scope

The journal invites papers from all areas under a broad spectrum of contribution in the Engineering and Technology, its core interest lies in issues concerning Engineering and Technology. Articles of interdisciplinary nature are particularly welcome.

The areas are as follows:

Smart Computing and Information Processing
Signal and Speech Processing
Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
Data mining and warehousing
Process & Device Technologies
Nanometer-scale integrated circuits
Power system protection and digital relaying
Cloud Computing
Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
Modeling uncertainties and contingencies
Virtual Reality
3D Printing
Sensor Networks, Actuators for Internet of Things
Data Visualization using IoT
Computer applications in power systems
Soft computing applications in power systems
Robotics and control
Renewable energy management
Hybrid energy systems
Power system instrumentation
Fuel cells and batteries
Nuclear power alternatives
Remote sensing, telemetry, and signal processing
Application of nano-technology
Streaming data
Neural information processing
Microprocessor based applications
Neural information processing