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Conference hosted by Department Of EE, EEE & ECE GIET, Ghangapatna, Bhubaneswar.

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Committee Members of the Conference

Chief Patrons


Dr. Satya Prakash Panda, Chairman

Dr. Rama Narayan Sabat, Vice Chairman Smt. Minakshi Panda, Secretary


Dr.Subhrajit Pradhan, Principal


Prof. B.T.M Nayak, HOD, EE


Prof. Shaktinarayana Mishra, Asst. Prof., ECE

Advisory Committee

Sj. Jatindra Kumar Mishra, Dy. Registrar Dr. Chandan Ku. Sahoo, DEAN R&D

Dr. Dillip Dash, Dean Student Affairs

Prof. Sibabrata Mohanty, Prof I/C (Academics) Prof. Tarakanta Sahoo, HOD BSH

Prof. Niyati Naik, HOD CE

Prof. Tarini Prasad Pattanaik, HOD CSE Prof. Saroj Kumar Dash, HOD MECH Dr. Maitrayee Rout, HOD MBA

Prof. Swarupa Arya, HOD MCA Mr. Nilanchala Patra, HR Manager

Organising Committee

Prof. B.T.M Nayak

Prof. Ajanta Priyadarshinee Prof. Kumar Dasarathi Dalai Prof. Pritam Mishra

Prof. Rashmi Ranjan Martha Prof. Shaktinarayana Mishra Prof. Pujashree Panigrahi

Prof. Debapriya Nilakantha Padhy

About the Conference

Theme of the Conference:

“The challenges and opportunities of integrating renewable energy into the grid”

The National Conference on Renewable Energy, Smart Grid, and Telecommunication - 2023 is a platform for industry experts, researchers, and policymakers to come together and explore the latest advancements and challenges in the fields of renewable energy, smart grids, and telecommunication.

Conference Highlights:

 In-depth discussions on renewable energy technologies and innovations.

  • Smart grid integration for a sustainable future.
  • The role of telecommunication in advancing renewable energy solutions.
  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders and experts.
  • Presentation of cutting-edge research papers and case studies.

Conference topics:

Renewable Energy Technologies and Innovations Smart Grid Development and Implementation Telecommunication for Energy Systems

Energy Storage and Grid Balancing Policy, Regulation, and Market Dynamics

Environmental and Social Impacts of Renewable Energy Energy Transition and Future Outlook

Integration of renewable energy into the grid Microgrids and decentralized energy systems Grid cybersecurity and data analytics

IoT and sensor technologies for energy monitoring Data management and analytics in energy sector Battery storage technologies and applications


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National Conference on ‘Renewable Energy, Smart Grid and Telecommunication-2023