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Pune, India

Date of Conference

Fall 9-16-2012



Publication Date

Fall 9-16-2012



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Committee Members of the Conference

Chief Mentor:

Prof. (Dr.) Srikanta Patnaik
Chairman, I.I.M.T., Bhubaneswar
Intersceince Campus,
Bhubaneswar, Pin:752054. Orissa, INDIA.

Organising Committee:

Subrat Kumar Prustry, DGM
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India

About the Conference

The International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Engineering (FTEECE) is the premiere international conference in the fields of electronics, information, and computer engineering. Prospective authors are invited to submit manuscripts in English. All submissions will be under a peer-review conducted by experts in the field based on originality, significance, quality and clarity. Authors should use MS-Word templates obtained from the conference website as their paper format and submit .doc files of their manuscripts through the Online Submission System.

The ICFTEECE aims to gather worldwide researchers, engineers, and educators who are interested in meeting, sharing ideas, and presenting their latest findings and experiences. The following topics are listed for your reference (and not limited to)

Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics
Communication Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Nano-Electro-Mechanical System
Photonics and Optoelectronics
Networking, Communication and Multimedia
Information Engineering
Wireless/Mobile Communication & Computing
Computer Science Applications


Institute for Project Management Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar


Bhubaneswar, India


Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics, Communication Engineering Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering Nano-Electro-Mechanical System, Photonics and Optoelectronics Networking, Communication and Multimedia, Information Engineering Wireless/Mobile, Communication & Computing, Computer Science Applications


Computational Engineering | Computer Engineering | Electrical and Computer Engineering


Education has now become the instrument fashioned by men to achieve life’s goals. As, it is being well observed by The Great Rabindra Nath Tagore “He who sees all being in his own self and his own self in all beings, he does not remain unrevealed”, that should be the motto of our Indian educational Institutions. Science had become the twilight in this dark era without science life will become hell . The conference is a thought provoking outcome of all these interrelated facts. Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science is the scientific and mathematical approach to computation, and specifically to the design of computing machines and processes. Its subfields can be divided into practical techniques for its implementation and application in computer systems and purely theoretical areas. Some, such as computational complexity theory, which studies fundamental properties of computational problems, are highly abstract, while others, such as computer graphics, emphasize real-world applications. Still others focus on the challenges in implementing computations. Modern society has seen a significant shift for Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science which is being used solely by experts or professionals to a more widespread user base. The idea of the conference is for the scientists, scholars, engineers and students from the Universities all around the world and the industry to present ongoing research activities, and hence to foster research relations between the Universities and the Industry. This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration. Through this conference IRNet provides a forum for Research and Development.Moreover,it encourages academicians and researchers from all types of institutions and organizations. It aims to provide the platform for all to interact and share the domain knowledge with each other. Its motto to bring together developers, users, academicians and researchers for sharing and exploring new areas of research and development.

Prof. (Dr.) Srikanta Patnaik Chairman,

I.I.M.T., Bhubaneswar Intersceince Campus, Bhubaneswar, Pin:752054. Orissa, INDIA

Proceeding of International Conference on Future Trend in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science Engineering