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Winter 1-27-2013



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About the Conference

The Electronics Industry has significantly grown to become a Global business due to a number of advancements in modern technology. The industry chiefly encompasses several companies that design and manufacture consumer electronics, such as mobile telephones, digital cameras, camcorders, portable media players and the like. Electronic devices have soared to fame since technological advancement began. Today, electronic gadgets have played a significant role on delivering consumers with compact entertainment and unparalleled communication, especially those devices that can be brought everywhere. Most electronic devices that have eventually become part of people’s lives today comprise mobile telephones, portable media players, digital cameras and camcorders. A mobile telephone can be considered the most important among other devices, serves as an effective replacement for fixed-line telephones and is primarily used for communicating with your distant loved ones, therefore allowing you to call contacts even from abroad. You can use a portable media player enables to listen to your favorite music, watch videos, or even view digital images. A digital camera allows you to take pictures in the form of digital images as well as store and organize them. A camcorder lets you record your own favorite videos. The power industry is undergoing many new and exciting challenges. It is expected that these challenges will continue to exist and new ones will arise as the systems are pushed for greater efficiencies and economics. Therefore, as the workforce evolves from one generation to the next, it will be of paramount importance to have a continuing flow of competent power engineers available for the industry. However, to accomplish, this is no small matter. So this conference has been designed to stimulate the young minds including Research Scholars, Academicians, and Practitioners to contribute their ideas, thoughts and nobility in these disciplines of engineering. It is a pleasure to welcome all the participants, delegates and organizers to this International Conference on behalf of IRNet family members. This conference has received a great response from all parts of the country and abroad for the presentation and publication in the proceedings. I sincerely thank all the authors for their valuable contribution to this conference. I am indebted towards the Reviewers and Board of Editors for their generous gifts of time, energy and effort for the Conference.


Institute for Project Management Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar


Bhubaneswar, India


Power Engineering, Control and Computer Systems, Electronics, Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering


Aerospace Engineering | Automotive Engineering | Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering | Computer Engineering | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Robotics


Table of Contents:

1. A Novel Energy Aware Routing Protocol in WSN Navin Srivastava & P.D.Kulkarni P.1-4

2. Face Recognition System Using DCT-Hmmthrough MatlabAshish Pal & Sudesh Morey P.5-7

3.Discrete controller for high frequency Buck converter P.Gayathiridevi P.8-13

4. Auto-Calibration of a Sf6 Circuit Breaker for Point-on-wave Switching an Application of Signal processing to Switchgear Yogendra Namjoshi P.14-18

5. Four switch Buck Converter R.Divyamageswari & Kr.Vairamani P.19-23

6. Isolated Renewable Energy Sources at the Distribution level for the Remote Areas M.S.R Murty, Y.Hareesh Kumar & B.Anil Kumar P.24-29

7. Call Admission Control Policy for Improved Cellular Network Navin Srivastava & Kranti Bhoite P.30-34

8. Stereo Localizing and Mapping based Wireless Security System Navin Srivastava, Siddharth Grover, Parteek Mehta & Surya Prateek Soni P.35-39

9. Pest Monitor and Control System using Wireless Sensor Network (with Special Reference to Acoustic Device wireless Sensor) Navin Srivastava, Gautam Chopra, Prateek Jain & Bhavya Khatter P.40-46

10. Applications of Pitch Estimation: A Review Smita S. Hande & Milind S. Shah P.47-51

11. Analysis of Harmonic Contributions in Residential and Industrial Load-A Case Study H.H. Kulkarni, V.S.Jape & D.G.Bharadwaj P.52-54

12. Power system voltage stability through Load shedding Mudit Jaithalia, Jagdeep Sheoran, Birender Singh & Ridhi Aggarwal P.55-58

13. Implementation of wireless Handheld device Poonam T. Bedarkar & Shanti Swamy P.59-61

14. A Comparative Approach to Evaluate Performance Parameters of OFDM and CDMA Navinsrivastava, Brig. R.m. Khaire, Zakee Ahmed & Nasreenmev P.62-65

15. Power Management Strategies for a Microgrid with Multiple Distributed Generation units P. Madhu Sudhakar & B. Murali Mohan P.66-71

16. Omni-Directional Dual Band [2.4ghz And 5.1ghz] Micro-Strip Antenna for wlan S.V. Dhole & P. B. Mane P.72-75

17. Centralized and Distributed Generation − A Part of Future Electric grid system Jagdeep Sheoran, Mudit Jaithalia, Birender Singh & Ravi Chaudhary P.76-81

18. Color Conversion and Water Shed Segmentation for RGB Images M.Haritha & Ravi Shankar Reddy P.82-87

International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering ICEEE-2013