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Programme Chair Prof. (Dr.) Srikanta Patnaik Chairman, I.I.M.T., Bhubaneswar Intersceince Campus, At/Po.: Kantabada, Via-Janla, Dist-Khurda Bhubaneswar, Pin:752054. Orissa, INDIA.

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Green Economics has emerged as the main thrust area for Sustainable Development and Green Technology will play a far greater role in the future in reducing Carbon Footprint. A lot of work needs to be done in making the national economies greener. Though a common agenda has emerged among the comity of nations regarding this, there still exist wide variations among nations in perception and implementation of a green economy. While developing countries like India have voluntarily adopted green economy as a mode of growth, a lot of investment in green technology and in poverty reduction is needed in order to make it happen.


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Waste plastics, polypropylene, low density polyethylene, polystyrene, pyrolysis, liquid fuel, plastic to fuel


Chemical Engineering | Industrial Engineering | Industrial Technology | Materials Science and Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Polymer Science | Process Control and Systems


It is a great pleasure to announce that Centre for Sustainable Development and Green Economics, Bhubaneswar is bringing out this volume on the eve of their international Conference on Environmental Governance and Green Technology (ICEGGT). I am honoured to be the Chief Editor of this volume.

Sustainability in all aspects of life from production to consumption should be the norm rather than a fad or exception. Reducing one’s ecological footprint either by reducing consumption or by compensating it with ecologically healthy practices will restore to the Earth its original sustainability. Climate Change has become a reality and if urgent steps are not taken, the carrying capacity of mother Earth may well exceed sustainable level. In this context the CSDGE’s initiative in making the industry and professional practitioners aware about the issues involved is laudable. State Pollution Control Board, Odisha as the premier regulator of environmental issues is a worthy partner in the venture. We profusely thank the organization for furthering the cause of sustainability.

Chief Editor

Lekhasri Samantsinghar

Proceedings of International Conference on Environment Governance & Green Technology