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Ooty, India

Date of Conference

Summer 6-30-2012



Publication Date

Summer 6-30-2012



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Committee Members of the Conference

Chief Mentor:

Prof. (Dr.) Srikanta Patnaik

Chairman, I.I.M.T., Bhubaneswar
Intersceince Campus,
Bhubaneswar, Pin:752054. Orissa, INDIA.

Organising Committee:

Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dash
Reader, Department of Computer Science & Application,
College of Engineering & Technology,
Techno Campus, Kalinga Nagar,

Programme Chair

Professor N. S Murthy, Head
Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
National Institute of Technology,
Warangal - 506004, A.P, INDIA

About the Conference

The International Conference on Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) provides a forum for R&D and academicians and open to researchers from all types of institutions and organisations, aimed at providing the platform for all to interact and share the domain knowledge with each other. Areas included (but not limited to) are electronics and communications engineering, electric energy, automation, control and instrumentation, computer and information technology, and the electrical engineering aspects of building services and aerospace engineering, The wide scope encompasses analogue and digital circuit design, microwave circuits and systems, optoelectronic circuits, photovoltaics, semiconductor devices, sensor technology, transport in electronic materials, VLSI technology and device processing.

Topic of Interest The conference covers all aspects of theory and design of circuits, systems and devices for electronics, signal processing, and communication, including:

  • Signal and System theory, Digital signal processing
  • Network theory and Circuit design
  • Information theory, Communication theory and techniques, Modulation, Source and Channel coding
  • Switching theory and techniques, Communication protocols
  • Optical communications
  • Microwave theory and techniques, Rradar, Sonar
  • Aantennas, wave propagation
  • Measurement and instrumentation; Circuit design, Simulation and CAD
  • Signal and Image processing, Coding; Microwaves, Antennas and Radio propagation
  • Optoelectronics; TV and Sound broadcasting; Telecommunication networks; Radio and Satellite communications; Radar, Sonar and navigation systems; Electromagnetic compatibility.


Institute for Project Management Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar


Bhubaneswar, India


Optical communications Microwave theory and techniques, Rradar, Sonar Aantennas, wave propagation


Computer Engineering | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Electrical and Electronics


Innovation in Communication Engineering is happening at an incredible pace. Network technologies are multiplying faster than ever; subscribers are demanding more and forgiving less. As people use mobile broadband wherever they are and whenever they want, demand for services fluctuates throughout the day, creating wildly changing traffic patterns. To meet these dynamic market demands takes a new way of looking at communications technology and end-user expectations. Mobile communications is one of the fastest growing industries in history. It continues to deliver new ways to stay in touch, from basic mobility to the social networking and video-based services of today and tomorrow. Innovation has driven the industry’s success. As an industry, communications has shown fantastic innovation, most recently in developing higher bit rates and greater efficiency in the air interface as we move from 3G to 4G and beyond. The industry has done a good job in building networks that can support the new communications experience. But operator revenue has not grown in line with the explosion in smartphone-generated traffic. We need to pick up the pace of innovation. We need to find new ways to help operators better serve their customers and realize the value of their investments, not leaving it all to the over-the-top players such as Skype. The wireless communications industry is highly standardized, making innovation more challenging. Infrastructure vendors can find it very challenging to differentiate their products. However, with those challenges come opportunities. One is to build the portfolio of patents that is deemed essential for all vendors. Two is to differentiate around vendor-specific areas not covered by the standard. Three is to be in a leadership position to evolve and re-invent the communications industry to better serve operators and their customers. There is also a strong and growing commitment to cooperating with small and start-up companies, which are also expected to bring a stream of innovation into Nokia Siemens Networks. Such projects are complemented by collaborative research initiatives with operators around the world. Emerging markets have been leading the charge in raising awareness of the potential of TDLTE, especially in China, where China Mobile sees it as a natural evolution from its existing TDDbased networks. The operator currently has large scale trials in many cities, with In India, where fixed broadband penetration is below 1%, operators aim to complement 3G with TD-LTE. New operators, such as RIL, may also provide TD-LTE in India. Commercial network launches are expected as early as the end of 2011 in countries spanning all continents. There is further operator interest in using TD-LTE as an additional carrier to augment capacity in existing networks, including FDD-LTE, and also as an alternative for rural fixed line broadband. The conference designed to stimulate the young minds including Research Scholars, Academicians, and Practitioners to contribute their ideas, thoughts and nobility in these disciplines of engineering. It’s my pleasure to welcome all the participants, delegates and organizer to this international conference on behalf of IRNet family members. We received a great response from all parts of country and abroad for the presentation and publication in the proceeding of the conference. I sincerely thank all the authors for their invaluable contribution to this conference. I am indebted towards the reviewers and Board of Editors for their generous gifts of time, energy and effort.

Editor-in-Chief Dr. Srikanta Patnaik Chairman,

I.I.M.T., Bhubaneswar Intersceince Campus,

Bhubaneswar, Pin:752054. Odisha, INDIA.

Proceeding of International Conference on Electronics and Communication Engineering ICECE- 2012