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Tumors develop as a result of abnormal and rapid growth of cells, and there are two types of tumors. If we can understand what causes the growth and the process of their growth, we can prevent it to happen and find ways to reduce the tumor cell activities. Mathematical modeling has been used.Knowing the intensity of cell activities in the brain segment and learning something new (or refreshing skills that we learned before) can help us discover/identify the relationship between learning and intensity in brain segmentation.Insulin has a molecular structure, and the study of its structure and formation helps scientists to understand how to improve treatment. Cloud offers a platform for simulations and modelling enabling cutting-edge techniques to be used for Health Cloud for 3D Visualisation and modelling.The first layer of defense is Access Control and firewall to allow restricted members to access. The second layer consists of the IDS and IPS. The aim is to detect attack, intrusion and penetration, and also provide up-to-date technologies to prevent attacks The third layer, being an innovative approach, Encryption, enforces top down policy based security management; integrity management.