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When we talk about Management concept theorist says a skill of getting things done through others however Time Management is all about getting the work done by self by adjusting ourselves in to the scarce time frame. So if there was a calendar of our own we could have made the dates moving accordingly our plan and work. Again with a map of a certain place in the hand could make us reach easily there but thoroughly exploring the map and scrutinize the travel plan with own flexibility could shorten the distance by putting less efforts to reach there. So predictability of self effectiveness has a tendency to perform and re perform any task within the given time frame with a known time cycle. Certain habits only can be develop by consistent exercise and nurturing mind set to manage self according to available time period. This chapter comprises the certain approaches to practice Time Management with successful implementation and ultimate optimization of time which can provide productive outcomes. Combining the principles one can begin owing self by administrating the time span effectively.