Invited Talks

International Conference on Electronics and Computer Science Engineering (ECSE)

Dr. Srikanta Patnaik Prof., Chairman, I.I.M.T., Bhubaneswar Intersceince Campus


Electronics and Computer Science Engineering(ECSE) deals with recent developments and practices adopted in various projects in different Engineering disciplines and specializations i.e. Rock Dredging, Concrete Technology, Grid Computing, Electrical Propulsion & the Stationary Plasma Thruster, Turbo charging, Ultra filtration, Nano filtration & Reverse Osmosis, FACTS Devices, Sensors, Advanced Materials for Aircraft and Helicopters, Data Communication and Network Protocol, Satellite Communication Systems, Optoelectronic Devices, Wireless Communication , Applications of CFD Techniques in Aero-propulsive Characterization of Missiles, Hazardous Waste Management, Liquid Fueled SCRAMJET Combustors, Armor Materials and Designs, Heat Transfer in Nuclear Reactors, Defense Electronics Systems, World Class Manufacturing, Value Engineering & Engineering Ethics. Traditionally, computing studies occupy two partitions-Sciences and Engineering, separated by a line roughly at the Computer architecture level. A more effective organization for Computer Science and Engineering requires an intrinsically interdisciplinary framework that combines academic and systems-oriented computing perspectives. Researchers have been developing such a framework, which re-aggregates Computer Science and Computer Engineering, then repartitions the resulting single field into analysis and synthesis components. The framework is based on the notion that Science is foremost about dissecting and understanding, and Engineering is mostly about envisioning and building. The Computer had a great effect on Communication .The idea of modeling in a Computer and with the aid of a Computer.It is believed that Computer is the basic Infrastructure to centralize Communication . Any Communication between people about the same concept is a common revelatory experience about informational models of that concept. Each model is a conceptual structure of abstractions formulated initially in the mind of one, and while Communicating if it is different from those in the mind of other, there is no common model and no Communication . Researchers are working on applying their Wireless and Mobile Research to Transportation, Health Care, Education, Collaboration and Environmental Sustainability. Projects already underway include safe and efficient road Transportation, Autonomous Driving, Wireless Medical Implants, Mobile Video Delivery, Multiparty Wireless Videoconferencing and Energy Harvesting. Electronics and Computer Science Engineering runs together with hand in hand.